Turns out a keyboard dropping keystrokes is a surefire way to make me panic

My thunderbolt dock was dropping USB packets on the USB 3 bus! With the same devices on the same hub plugged directly into a type-C port, it works fine; via the T3 dock it was dropping keystrokes and audio packets :(

@tindall ohhh I hate this so much. I believe it has to do with thermal throttling on thunderbolt when you are charging and using accessories on the same side of the macbook.

Discovered that when I was looking into crazy kernel_task CPU usage from this SE thread here:

@tindall Since I have 2 monitors hooked up via tb->displayport and a usb-c hub, I've had to just live with the occasional stutter or point a fan at the damn thing if I'm running something intensive.

@tindall I hated that so much when I was running my laptop off an eGPU dock with some other USB devices plugged in to it.

@tindall have this problem with my eGPU. So annoying to have this giant TB3 hub and still have to plug the keyboard directly into the laptop

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