I find it extremely hard to care about video games these days and I don't really like that about myself


I want to get into the kind of moderately niche, very high-effort games I used to really love but I find myself wondering if I'll ever put >100 hours into a game again

@tindall I've found my preferences and conversations around games has shifted. when I was in college, friends and I would gawk at "so much content/gameplay, can't wait for these all-nighters", and now the same group is like "what's something I can play with my partner in under an evening"

@tindall This exact kind of game, I've definitely had go in waves for me. I'll no-life on something for a month or two, then drop it entirely for a while. I took almost 2 years off from PoE and then had a blast coming back.

@tindall I miss those days myself. I love RPGs but they are so much time involved. Same with TTRPGs which were a major part of my life for decades.

@tindall this is a mood, throughout most of grad school I could only play the same few games over and over again.

now that I'm done and have way less bothering me in the evenings and weekends I'm starting to play more complicated games again and it's such a wonderful feeling

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