idk I really want an OS built from the ground up - like, without reusing anything - that makes decisions based on values in the following order:

1. user choice
2. convenience
3. privacy & security
4. performance

but it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody would use it anyway because it wouldn't have a community, install base, hardware or software compatibility, or reputation

we're stuck with what we have for now so we have no choice but to make it better

@tindall I wanna make an OS (working title ChausieOS) too, with the main goal of empowering users. I have similar priorities as yours, too.

The first component I'm gonna make is a programming language (ChausieScript) and a runtime environment (like Java), first on Linux, but eventually on bare hardware.

@LunaDragofelis @tindall i have been slowly working on my own Lisp-based OS from the ground up for a couple of years, it's great fun!

(although my OS isn't really going to support privacy & security — other than by not having any network drivers yet.)

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