i guess i just refuse to believe that Mac OS is that much better than Ubuntu when the steps for controlling a webcam on Mac OS are:

1. buy a new webcam. you aren't allowed to fuck with the built in one at all
2. buy a shady piece of chinese software that hasn't been updated in over two years (it's the only one that supports things like setting aperture priority mode)
3. pray that it supports your webcam and that it's not selling your data off

whereas on Linux it's:

1. install a free, professionally packaged piece of software that supports every webcam that the platform supports thanks to self-reporting kernel APIs

and if there's a problem there's at least a place to report it

@tindall The biggest difference between Mac (and to a slightly lesser degree Windows) and free desktops is that, when you have problems, it is usually not because no one solved this problem (yet). It is because a lot of money was spent to create the problem and stop you from solving it.

@tindall the fact that by default, on my $work macbook, which has a camera builtin, there's no software preinstalled that just let's me use it stumped me.

whereas on Elementary there's just a piece of software called camera and it's preinstalled!

or maybe it's just not easily discoverable ?
i dunno

@tindall and why would it not show up when i search for camera or webcam??

@tindall @meena yes, I thought it was part of the things you "learned" to use through the post-install tutorials on macos. 🤷🏻‍♂️

That doesn't make up for the fact you can't play at all with the laptop's webcam...

That being said, I'm not sure that I can control my Dell's webcam much better than the macbook's. 🤔

@tindall @oz i stopped caring about the tutorials and the hardware and the software when my attempts to get DTrace to work took about an hour and then finally yielded nothing useful i'm used to, but a different error message.

@tindall Oh, you know the proper apple approved workflow is "go to genius bar, ask genius what to do, buy newest device because that's the tape in the teddy ruxpin genius every day."

@tindall I've been using MacOS at work for the last three years and can confirm. The whole ecosystem is toxic.

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