free desktops stuff 

honestly I almost wish I could bear to use windows for stuff bc i'm just so fucking tired of hearing people shit on the way i do computing because some people who also do that are mean

yeah man. they doxed me a while back. i know. doesn't mean i want to use windows tho????

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free desktops stuff, sarcasm 

"it's so annoying when {there are ads in my toolbar, my apps get uninstalled without warning, i have to update in the middle of an important moment}"

"ah well here's a thing that might solve that problem for you"

"this isn't exactly like the original thing i was using"

"yep, some of that is on purpose but some of it is being worked on. there's not a lot of funding for some aspects of it so it might take a while"

"wow i can't believe your community is so hostile to newcomers"

free desktops stuff 

and please don't take this as me saying that there are no problems with foss, that there's nobody awful there. obviously there are, i obviously know that.

but it is me saying that like. there are only so many volunteers who can do the work necessary to get us to a place where free desktops are universally accessible, it's gonna take a while, and it remains better than the alternatives for a lot of people. i want that group of people to include you but i cannot physically drag the entire fucking loosely affiliated mass of "people who write things that are GPL licensed" in that direction.

free desktops stuff 

and there's the avenue that's like, "why don't you make stuff _for_ the corporate desktops that's _better_ in these ways" but like

that really misses the point?? first of all I am making stuff that I want to use, so it has to at least somewhat support the shit that I use. but also like, those platforms are engineered to make that impossible!

how can i build a good free audiobooks app for iOS when it's nigh on impossible to transfer files to an iOS device without proprietary services? how can i build a Windows privacy protecting browser wrapper when the operating system steals clicks out from under the user?

yeah it sucks that we have to build our own from sticks and twine but like?????? how the fuck else are we supposed to do this??????

free desktops stuff 

the options here are

1. don't use computer (and thus be forced out of society)
2. use proprietary stuff (and be surveilled and controlled in many small and large ways)
3. deal with the various issues of free software

and like. none of those are good options. but i do know which one i'm gonna pick!!!!!!

free desktops stuff 

@tindall the price of freedom is endless fiddling

free desktops stuff 

@sa2tms idk though like. just buy a thinkpad and throw ubuntu on there, you don't have to fiddle w it really?

free desktops stuff 

@tindall depends on what you want to do and how much of canonical's BS you're willing to put up with

free desktops stuff 

@sa2tms sure but canonical's bs is orders of magnitude less fucked than microsoft's

free desktops stuff 

@sa2tms @tindall fiddling and being able to actually fix issues that way is still better than being unable to fix issues at all

free desktops stuff 

@LunaDragofelis @tindall aye. but that's also a luxury reserved to a small minority of computer users. on the other hand that's not much different from being asked by relatives to fix shit on windows

free desktops stuff 

@tindall I really wish we could get back to the feeling of wonder when shit just works. Like, I'm still amazed when my computer can find the wifi without me having to pull together a series of shell-incantations to get things like wifi and printing to work.

We recently bought a new tablet and it was the first time in a while that I needed to compile a new kernel driver for it (Ubuntu 18.04, trailing edge LTS). It was part annoying but also part "at least it's supported".

free desktops stuff 

@tindall It's a damn shame that prefacing things by saying "this is an entire ecosystem put together by people who care enough to try to make things better" doesn't carry enough water with folks who are used other ecosystems.

Sure, it might not have the same Mise En Place as what you're used to, but someone cared enough to at least cobble things together to make sure you could boil water. If that doesn't give you a warm feeling in your heart then I can't help you.

free desktops stuff 

@tindall Well said!

I make stuff for free desktops because that's what I use.

I believe in the software freedom, & I honestly find it to be a smoother experience with less nonsense. I've twiddled more with others' Mac/Windows than my elementary OS!

But there is intention to be different (to be better), limited development effort, and some toxicity.

I'd have to go out of my way to port my browser engine to Mac/Windows/iOS/Android/etc...

mostly agreeing re: free desktops stuff 

@tindall I feel like I have to slip in that there /does/ exist a small space for:

2.5 use proprietary stuff made by outsiders who don't want to surveil or control anyone

and there are a lot of reasons why stuff might end up in that space? (we are, predictably, thinking of PICO-8, but there was a recent Maori language computing project there as well)

but also yes, please, we want to be able to exist without being surveilled and controlled

- 🎒💧

free desktops stuff 

3. Free software has issues, but at least you are allowed to fix them 🌚

*nod*, only one of the choices offers a path to make things better

tangent about Apple re: free desktops stuff 

@tindall *sneaking into the middle of this thread to add a "fuck Apple for making phones that enforce an app store monopoly on their users"*

(the gaming news comedy show Checkpoint was all "they're Apple's phones" about it and we don't get why - Apple sold those phones, they belong to the people the phones were sold to, aaagh)

- 🎒 💢

free desktops stuff, sarcasm 

windows: please insert a disk into your usb drive

everyone: this is fine

linux: idk the toolbar is the wrong color or something

everyone: wow literally unusable

free desktops stuff, sarcasm 

@haskal to be fair, GNOME "Disks" is also meant for ... not just disks. There's plenty more to complain about re Windows UI ofc.

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