So someone in my life needs a GPU pretty immediately, and I'm not really using the RX580 in my Thelio... Is there a good option these days for driving a couple of 4k screens for strictly 2D applications under Linux that doesn't cost a mint?

@tindall If you're okay with nvidia, I'd go for something like a used GTX 950, put one monitor on DP and one on HDMI, and ignore the DVI ports. They can be found for sub-$100 on ebay.

@tindall Dang, this looks *really* rough at the moment. Back before … the situation, I ended up picking up an RX 5500, since I needed dual displayport for my 4k monitors. But I just looked at the prices, and… wow. That's a card that's supposed to cost below $200 :(

I'd honestly say look for a AMD Radeon PRO WX 2100 (or maybe WX 3100). Those are basically the same as the RX 540 or 550 cards, but are available for cheaper for some reason and have multiple displayport.

@tindall I see some new WX 2100 cards for around $200, and on the used market they're going for under $100.

@tindall Ryzen chips with built in GPUs might be enough.

@tindall I used to run two 4K screens off of a $50 amd card. Actually I think even the on board graphics on new intel cpus can do it reasonably well. Depends on what you’re asking of it obviously. I’m assuming mostly code editing.

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