Hades is an intensely frustrating game for me because the only accessibility option inserts a "haha remember how you're not good at this" screen at the moment of most intense frustration

I don't think its deliberate but it is certainly off-putting.

@tindall It's definitely a game that relishes in it's difficulty but I also found it embracing failure to be nice also. You can only gift once until you fail again, each plot only moves on when you fall back.

(I just reached Hades for the first time today.)

re: game accessibility 

@tindall this is basically the main "accessibility" option Nintendo does too. while skipping parts is sometimes a useful feature, making the only accessibility feature "you suck at this game, wanna not play it" in a game you literally paid to play, is insultingly rude, intentional or not

re: game accessibility 

@tindall like it's been shown how ridiculously simple some accessibility options can be. by far my favourite is how Celeste lets you slow down the game from 100% to 50% speed in increments of 10%. like, if you're struggling but still wanna try at it, you can put it on 90% speed and it just works that way

sure, this requires that the game engine be robust enough to handle properly interpolating at low speeds, but honestly, if it's any good at all, it can do that

@tindall I haven't played Hades yet but I wish options for customizing difficulty were as common, and viewed as equally necessary, as accessibility options for something like colorblindness

When I think about the people I personally know who don't play video games, for a lot of them it seems to be a combination of games being bad at introducing completely new players to their genre and systems, and not providing enough ways for players to customize the difficulty and learning curve

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