true 8 bit graphics on a 256x256 character screen, where each character is an 8x8 sprite


basically the only advantage is that it avoids the need to use 16bit maths to address individual pixel values and makes a lot of screen manip things really easy

on the other hand you can't have very fine control of the display

not good for most types of games but super good for most productivity software

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@th @tindall :think_mind_blown: Most good modern terminals are unicode aware and support custom fonts.. could sixel be ported to some unused unicode space and supported in a custom font? Could probably even convince the Unicode consortium to bless the assignment.

@seachaint @tindall a challenge would be handling the palette based colors that SIXEL uses, as well as the complexity of the RLE commands. Although a pure B&W version might fit nicely along side the Unicode Block Elements.

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