eternally screaming "the purpose of a system is what it does" at all the vbnmw types

the democrats have not effectively fulfilled a single major campaign promise in my entire life. do better

"oh but Obamacare and the Biden infrastructure bill-" are both shadows of what were promised because the Democratic establishment are fucking cowards who lie about their intentions during campaigns. do *better*.

@tindall going to require the passing of the silent/boomer generation that is refusing to let power go. It should surprise noone that both party leaders are extremely old.

@tindall wouldn't it be cool if y'all could vote for more than one party in such a gigantic country?

@tindall This seems a bit confused about the relationship between candidates’ intentions and results? Nobody can predict what laws they will be able to pass once elected.

Statements during campaigns are always optimistic at best because saying “who the hell knows what we’ll be able to pass” is too much honesty to get elected.

@skybrian do you think any one of them could honestly say that they're are using every option available to them to fulfill those promises? I don't.

@tindall I can’t answer this question because I don’t know what options were available. Partially because I didn’t follow Congressional politics very closely. I don’t know what “using every option available” would look like with such complex negotiations and Democrats having a bare majority in the Senate?

Like, are we going to blame Minchin and Sinema specifically, and does that mean the other senators and House Democrats are off the hook, because the “options available” were no options at all?

@tindall it's always felt to me like the problem is, especially with exactly 50 Senate seats, that they are beholden to the most conservative member of the party to be able to pass anything at all right?

I've never understood blaming Democrats in general, rather than blaming Joe Manchin, or blaming the antidemocratic practices that make even the slimmest possible majority barely possible.

@MarcatoMarc sure. But as the party in power, they lean on those members to absolve them off the responsibility of actually making change. Not saying it's perfect, but have you seen what happens in British politics when members disobey their party? They have a decent chance of losing their entire careers.

@tindall I guess I can see that interpretation. I'm just not sure the party has the power to bring people like Manchin in line, like for whatever reason the dynamic is different than in the UK. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's an excuse.

@MarcatoMarc It may very well be that the party doesn't have the power to rein in Manchin, but if so... what's the point of the party? If they can't stop him, the Dems are doing a bad job of getting their campaign promises fulfilled; if they can stop him but won't, they're not trying. Either way, I don't see a particular reason to trust them with the future of the nation. We need something new.

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