petition to start staying "money has a nonlinear relationship with happiness" instead of "money can't buy happiness" thanks


frankly it's pretty close to logarithmic

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@tindall I'd say:

(e ^ money) / (N * shit happens moments) = happiness


@tindall @vfrmedia what's the word for the price point where money has bought you the best you can reasonably get and everything past that is just prestige

@tindall @nev

A few months ago I was driving to work and had to slow for a badly parked car, on the opposite side of the road an old man in a newish Mercedes G-Wagon (a rare sight in suburban Ipswich!) was approaching..

In spite of the obstruction being on my side of the road he smiled and flashed the headlights to let me through first and seemed genuinely *really* happy and contented to be driving around in such a vehicle (unlike most folk you see in SUVs, even other posh models..)

@tindall @nev

to be fair you see this behaviour a lot amongst the middle class older folk round here, its notable also that they are the ones still wearing masks and making sure they get their jabs and other health checks as they seem to genuinely enjoy life...

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