Ohhhh. Okay, GNOME 40 is _really_ good.

Web 7 2 12

@tindall Alas, I'm still waiting on Pop OS to release their version. I'm not sure how different the experience is between Ubuntu and Pop OS.

@tindall It's really unfortunate Ubuntu didn't modify their dock for their implementation of it. Kind of clashes with the whole horizontal thing it's got going on. Standard GNOME 40 is nearly perfect though.

@kayden It's a lot snappier and the configuration works waaaaay better than on my previous gnome desktops. still looking into the a11y config but i'm hopeful!

@tindall welp, now I've gotta give the new Ubuntu a download. This is why we never throw away laptops. Test drive machines!

@tindall I'm really eager for 22.04 LTS for this reason. GNOME 40 looks really nice!
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