we can talk a lot about how bad tumblr culture is (and it is) but the Rule Zero, "don't talk to terven, period, no matter how tempting it might be" needs to be adopted on Fedi and Twitter

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i do not care if someone has a 40% discount code for a PS5, if they're red on Shinigami Eyes, just do not interact with them. saves us all a lot of trouble

like, for one thing, quarantining terven helps stop creating more terven

but also? terf ideology is extremely compatible with general right-wing white supremacist ideology, and they tend to hang around with those people.

stay away.

@tindall Has it not already been adopted on fedi, then? TERFs have been blocked on first sight for as long as I’ve been on here

@ghost_bird a lot of people do but i don't see it as nearly as axiomatic to people's behavior here as it was there

@tindall Interesting. cybre’s a bit inclined to leak over to the pleroma edgelord communities but I don’t remember any TERFs on the federated timeline when I was active there

@tindall I'm with you. Block on sight, don't give them the air.
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