We should really talk more about how executive dysfunction contributes to burnout. I've been holding anxiety about the same dozen things for a few months and I've only just yesterday finished with them.

I slept better last night than I have in... Ages.

@tindall it's a vicious cycle :| glad those particular things are over tho! all that mental space regained!

@tindall (hope boosting is okay)

I am in an extremely similar boat since this cycle has happened to me multiple times

@clarfonthey yeah, absolutely. It's really common and people really don't understand it, I feel

@tindall Ah, yes, that has been my anchor for a few months now. Just so many pressing projects rushing up and I'm unable to finish any of them for the dopamine hit. And they snarl each other in ways that make it impossible to resolve other than just picking at one string and hoping it is the one that unravels everything.

@dmoonfire What an awful feeling, I hope you're able to push out of it soon!

@tindall Maybe... two or months more and I should be out of it?

500 characters isn't enough space to list everything that is currently outstanding and none of them are moving beyond a 19070s glacier rate.

@tindall Giant mood. I've had too much on my plate for too long, as well.

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