Here's an exercise: try removing the word "identifies" from your vocabulary.

"What gender do you identify as?" is denotatively identical to "What gender are you?"

"Do you identify as disabled?" is denotatively identical to "Are you disabled?"

Why? Because *by selecting a box on that form*, I am identifying as that thing. That's what identifying means!

So you can make your questions shorter, easier to understand, and harder for right-wing jerks to target with hateful rhetoric :)


I'm saying this, by the way, because I was asked questions with the word "identifies" in them about:

- my gender
- whether I am trans
- whether I am disabled
- whether I am Hispanic
- whether I am a veteran

on a recent job application.

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@tindall to be clear, one of those is an identity. The others aren't, figure it out.

@YumKimil not sure what you mean - 'identifies as' is equivalent to 'says is', that is, "I identified as a gamer on that form" means "I filled in the box that says I am a gamer". You could be a gamer and not identify that way on a form - not fill in the box - but that would be lying, however ethically positive.

@tindall kind of like how I'm a woman, I don't identify as one. The same goes with my indigenous heritage and my sexuality. I don't identify that way because that is who I am. You're a transwoman, biological male who identifies as a woman, so you conflate identity with material reality.

@YumKimil oh i get it, you're not engaging with the content of my post at all! Neat.

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