babe are you ISO 8601 because you're the definition of a good date

@tindall I can't like this one enough without creating an alt account.

@tindall in Poland we have no date standard, maybe that's why i can't find a girlfriend...

@tindall I must protest!

THIS is how a good date looks like!


@tindall In the GUI it's a trade-off. Better short-term sorting, versus long-term sorting. Very useful for Downloads folder on computer and the like, where day and hour is more useful than month or year. For long-term archives I can see the appeal for focusing on year-to-year.

In the algorithm it's a non-issue since algorithms convert the date to a long type value of milliseconds anyways (if I recall correctly) 😎

@amici having the year first does not mean that older files within that year get moved up though. You get both

@tindall That's right, but people who read left-to-right would have to first read year, and then month, and then day, when only day, and possibly month, is relevant.

@amici @tindall I mean don't you do that anyways when reading numbers


"Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Persian, Urdu, and Sindhi are the most widespread RTL writing systems in modern times."

"Right-to-left can also refer to: top-to-bottom, right-to-left (TB-RL or TBRL) scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, though in modern times they are also commonly written left to right."

@amici Hmm, are arabic numerals also written RTL? Yesterday I had a case of RTL text but the numbers were displayed in LTR order

@x44203 Might be true, I've never had to deal with the problem in practice myself, so I don't know.

@amici I think if numbers are most significant LTR, then so should be dates.

@amici Though the european format is fine too, just don't do whatever the americans did

@tindall @amici Correct. Anyway, if you can't sort it in any meaningful way, it's a bad date format.

I don't even understand why any other format would exist but for chaos's sake.

@amici @tindall
In case of modification dates, they don't convert it to a long, it's stored as a long internally. And in that case the display format could be anything the viewer prefers.

When format matters to computers is when you're putting a date in a filename (because the modtime may not reflect it correctly). So for example, if you have files like



that's when it's important to use YYYYMMDD

@wolf480pl @tindall With alphabetic sorting method that's correct, because of the ASCII values of the latin alphabet and the ciphers. Because of this you can use a single-step basic sorting algorithm in either ascending or descending order, whereas extracting time and date out of a filename, while not too complicated, is still a bit of a bother.

@amici @tindall
it's not just that it's a bother, it also increases complexity, as now every program you want to use to browse those files needs to be aware of where in the name you put the date.

@amici besides being the wrong way (because it's opposite to how you write numbers), please don't use dashes for that 😔. weren't the dashes introduced to differentiate it from existing systems that used dots (Eporue) or slashes (UAS)?


@tindall @amici i disagree, MM-DD-YYYY is better because only the year is in the wrong place, whereas with DD-MM-YYYY everything is in the wrong place

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