This may be the worst piece of documentation I have ever written.

"The order of the permutations is deterministic and can be found ahead of time by consulting the OEIS sequence for reverse colexicographic ordering, using the appropriate elements of A280318 as indices into A055089."

@tindall "need some permutations? read the manual lol"

@zt to be fair to me i cannot imagine who on earth would give a shit which permutations would occur first since the whole point is to get all n! permutations. but yeah this is.... not good lol

@tindall @zt

thinking now about perl hashes not guaranteed to return in order of sorted keys

if you want it sorted sort it yourself


@deejoe to be fair that's pretty normal, sorted hashes are less efficient in a lot of ways; a fast hashmap will generally not be usefully sorted.

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