I still receive Urbit's newsletter, even tho I have long lost interest(tiel/crypto/javascript 3 strikes 🙅 ), I clicked through their latest email to see what they were up to, where they were going.

Their current focus is building an electron wrapper for their system. And even tho I have no sympathy for the project - it makes me feel a bit of despair as there are so few people trying to build new stacks, and I wonder why/how you can even go from "let's make a clean slate OS", to "on Electron"..


@neauoire largely I think it's because they're more interested in their implicit social model (feudalism) than their stated technical goals.

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@tindall they could have a just said "Javascript, Slavery and God" from the get go, instead of making the esolang community look bad.

@neauoire @tindall Justin Murphy thinks the reason Urbit users are mostly christians is because "christianity is, I think, fundamentally a love of truth" and I really like him and I understand why he feels that way but hahah no it's tribalism

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