frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years

@tindall I know where you’re coming from but I don’t think I agree. Being gendered correctly really does matter and official docs have weight - granted that the long term goal is to abolish officialdom altogether

@ghost_bird totally! but I don't see why border guards need to gender you at all. passports specifically have basically zero reason to have that field.

@tindall @ghost_bird that makes the question how do you influence the UN/ICAO standards body that sets the information fields in a passport? (And which is where the X comes from, it's been in the global standard for a very long time, it's just that no passport issuing nation used it until recently) Maybe you could argue that the various biometrics introduced into passports makes the gender field superfluous?

@tindall I think that’s kind of a special case of “why do people have to gender you at all?” Which, for me, can veer a bit close to pretending gender isn’t important.

@tindall …and I think that’s why the thought of binary cis people adopting the X gender marker bothers me. It feels dismissive of the trouble non-binary people face getting their genders recognised at all

@ghost_bird yeah that's very fair. i definitely tend to be more on the side of things that i don't really want the state to know anything about me if i can avoid it (see, for instance, my ham radio license having a ridiculously old address attached) but i recognize that that's not true for everyone

@tindall @ghost_bird In my home country there is no gender marker on the id card (no passport needed inside the EU, so most people have that cheaper one instead of a passport)

But still cis people are like "oh but what gender does it say on your id card" all the time to trans and nonbinary people 🤦🙄🙃

@trisschen @tindall And that reminds me - management at the university where I work are being reluctant about making out IT systems more trans friendly. Foreign students with an X in their passports will be an excellent way to put pressure on them

@trisschen @tindall @ghost_bird fun fact: while citizens don't have a gender marker on their id cards, non-citizens have it on their residence permit cards(which are otherwise afaik almost identical to ids) 🙄

@tindall Gender marker becomes opt in, it becomes really easy to change it, but see how many cis people *actually care*, and how many don't change it, but are angry about having to do something.

@tindall Tasmania tried this on in 2019 by wanting to make the gender field in birth certificates opt in, defaulting to absent, but couldn’t get it through parliament. Now gender is opt-out.

@tindall Had they made this change before I sent my passport in for renewal this year I would have! I'm hoping the state drivers licenses will offer the option when this one's due for replacement.

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