LB (and here) trans USian folks go get your passports updated, you no longer need a doctor's note or court order to change your gender marker

p.s. the US has added an X gender marker. personally it strikes me as kind of sketchy in that it will be recorded permanently by the government and a future gov't (or anywhere you travel) will know you're queer and could target you at any point in the future


i think it's wonderful that they've done this but my eastern european jewish ass just doesn't trust it lol

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@tindall Yeah every time I see one of these markers like a passport listing gender, or census records listing race, and folks are cheering representation... I'm just thinking databases. Databases that exist for anyone, ever, in any future administration, of any nation or organization, to exploit.

@tindall Forever torn between "People should be able to put whatever gender marker they want on their ID" and "Good GOD why would you want a cop to know you're trans?"

@witchfynder_finder @tindall I get the iffiness. Personally I think it is worth the risk (I have an X on my driver's license) as I am sometimes inconsistently gendered and there's no guarantee everyone in the process will agree on what gender I am; and also I think them knowing beforehand is less risky than them finding out after they have already gendered me one way or the other.

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