The differences in accountability culture between industries are ridiculous, like I pay $500 for a scope and get a signed calibration certificate and the email of the person who did it but for $1200 for a laptop all you get is "call our help desk."

The complaint brought to you by the fact that $dayjob, which owns dozens of $1k+ laptops from Apple, literally can't get someone on the phone to ask about buying more under our business plan, which we have to use bc of security standards

@tindall They will also helpfully install backdoored "helpdesk" software. :/

@tindall what is the difference in scale between those two industries?

@zens massive! indeed that's exactly the problem, in my opinion. one reason I try to buy from System76 for my personal devices, they have actual good support

@tindall the B world considers B2C a spiteful and hateful thing to be avoided and farmed out when possible. B2B is the only way to get compassion. it's the same for i.e ISPs/telcos; consumers and sometimes SMB get the shaft, businesses can actually get results. industrial equipment like scopes tends to be assumed B2B.

why? mostly money, i bet. (maybe some other stuff too.)
@libc @tindall yeah but she's talking about a case where Apple isn't even answering the phone to make a B2B sale

(then again, this is specifically Apple, which has *never* understood B2B, even when they were betting the company on business machines in the early 1980s and ignoring their consumer models)
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