everyone in FC210710 has been AMAZING so far! super looking forward to NonVerbalPoetry's set

so far we've got bagpipes and lasers which go together surprisingly well

that was an awesome set! now we have, to replace a performance that had to cancel at the last moment, FLASH CRASH ALL TIME HITS! now's the time to join if you haven't. flashcrash dot net!

svin's set is making me want to get a Teletype, JF, and IBM Model M and have a Very Anachronistic music terminal

also svin has discovered that good bass with a super minimal lead and a little percussion is a recipe for an instant fucking bop

yeah, okay, that alicef set was absolutely incredible


as always @neauoire absolutely kills it. beautiful music, beautiful live coding, and a great sense of entertainership

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@tindall I'm glad you liked it :> First time using Uxn for playing a show!

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