QC2 on the new edition of Programming Rust is done and I am _so_ excited to share it with y'all

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by the way, if you're a systems programmer who has been eyeing Rust, you're square bang in our target audience.

@jaycie quality check 2, after indexing. Basically, it's almost out!

@tindall I don't have quite enough context for that explanation but sounds good!

@tindall Do you mean the O'Reilly book? How are you contributing?

@skybrian I'm third author on the second edition. Large parts had to be rewritten for Rust's updates (like NLL, unions, etc), and we've added some new chapters, expanded a lot of examples, and updated just about everything.

@tindall great, I loved the first edition and I'm sure to buy also this one!
Will it be released this month as showed here[¹]?



@eriol barring any extreme circumstances, it should come out within the month, yes! I'm really glad you enjoyed the previous edition; I hope you like the new one too ☺️

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