if you aren't trans, and the only relationship you have to gender is physiological, anatomical, or based on experiences of oppression, there's a pretty good chance you have a hell of a lot in common with some nonbinary folks

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this post brought to you by two of my family members who can't come up with anything other than examples of misogyny when i ask them how they know what gender they are

@tindall why are you excluding ‘physiological’ isn’t one’s experience of their body related to gender?

@octesian sure! anatomy and life experience are also related to gender for a lot of people. But if the _only_ experience of gender you have is based on factors outside yourself - observable circumstances of birth or experience - it's worth considering whether or not your internal conceptions of gender are really all that internal.

for my part, my physiology is deeply connected to my gender; in a lot of ways, my body's been telling me i was meant to be a woman since long before i figured it out. but that's definitely not the only thing that defines my gender, not by a long shot!

@tindall parents really need to take a big sip of that toot when it comes to their children's gender, imho

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