i hate that there's so much pseudoscience permeating environmental groups. it makes things much harder, especially when opposing genuinely bad things that are also steeped in garbage

when i was in the fledgeling XR group in san diego (yeah, I know) i brought up that the 5G rollout was going to destroy a lot of fairly old trees in the area and INSTANTLY got a bunch of "yeah and the EVIL DEATH RAYS" back from these 40 yr olds

things that are bad about many 5G rollouts:

- because range is short, it requires use of a LOT of land, some by eminent domain (womp womp)
- that spectrum could be WAY better used for other stuff
- it's a totally pointless technology


things that are actually not bad about 5G:

- it doesn't boil your bones! it's not ionizing radiation! read a 10th grade physics textbook! aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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@tindall at least some claim they have peer reviewed studies to back up their claims. And this gets me confused.

@tommy @tindall

Well, think about whom they consider their peers.

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