I used to have a GTX480 in my main gaming PC - in fact, my mother still uses that PC as her main work computer! It's a reliable beast.

Now, I have a GT1030 in my main gaming PC, and my other desktop has an RTX580 literally only for VR.


all I'm saying is, stop chasing graphical fidelity, games look fine. you don't need to bankrupt yourself over pixels.

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@tindall I believe that game graphics were good enough in 2010 and every increase in fidelity since then was a waste of resources.

Not that it wasn't incrementally better, but the cost benefit was just too bad and it is only getting worse.

@eldaking yeah, agreed. in some ways i'm really glad we're hitting a point where people are starting to realize the cryptocurrency crunch will never go away, and a lot of games are actually pretty well optimized for, you know, realistic systems.

the kinds of games I play, anyway 😅

@tindall My philosophy is that if it doesn't run in a 10 year old laptop, it isn't worth playing.

(It helps that I mostly play strategy and puzzles)

@tindall more generally, why is 4k video even a thing? I remember when HDTV came out and it seemed impressive but unimportant. (I guess I'm just old?)

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