part of the reason i'm annoyed with the way people talk about Apple and general tech stuff is that it makes it clear that they're unwilling to consider compassion even when it's in their best interest


how can we imagine making the world a better place through struggle when people aren't even willing to concede that a slightly better world could _possibly_ exist _even for them_

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"it would be better if [company] couldn't force you to use [product] if you want [unrelated product]"

"but i like [product]!"

yes. fine. i get it. fuck you

@tindall Another world is possible!

(although I don't get the Apple context.)

@JordiGH Apple has recently been leveraging their monopoly power in a bunch of anticompetitive ways, and all I tend to hear is Apple users gloating about it because they've aligned their identities with corporate values, for some reason

@tindall Oh crap, pardon me for being forward, but fuck that shit, fuck all of it.

@tindall The lesson Apple learned from Microsoft (well, one of many I’m sure) is that if you want to win in the marketplace, don’t try to be the best; instead, don’t suck just enough to keep competitors at bay and spend all that unused dev money on marketing.

@tindall weird, isnt it? people are eo happy with nit making their own way, or even trying.

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