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I'm close to moving back to Windows. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hold oneself back, deny oneself better and easier accessibility in the name of open source, when many open source developers don't give a crap about accessibility, and/or don't educate themselves on it. KDE connect, GSConnect, all were inaccessible for one reason or another, not the least because of Gnome-shell's terrible accessibility issues. That was just the last straw. With the only thing holding me to Linux being Emacs+Emacspeak, I think its time to quit Linux and just use what actually works. It's interesting how being "free" just means being under the power and whim of other people, a mass of developers who have no insentive for accessibility, rather than a cohesive company who does. This is serious, and I want every developer to understand this, understand my deep frustration with FOSS.

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@devinprater It's not their job, those people develop software in their free time and do their best to make it accessible for everyone, but it sure will not work for everyone's needs. You can not demand anything more from them. Again, it's a gift, you did not pay for it, you just use it and demand that it has to work for you.
Go back to Windows, you do not understand the culture or that it is done in people free time, you just want to complain.


@Alexmitter @devinprater this is the least productive possible response and you should feel bad about having posted it. Of course nobody can demand work from open source devs but we should be committed to accessibility in localization, documentation, and disability just as much as to anything else. That work needs funding and advocacy, not "ha ha disableds go do it yourself." What a disgrace you are.

Well said. I'm really sick and tired of this bullshit. Reeks of this braindead Rich Hickey rant:

Hey @Alexmitter, yes, some of those people do develop little utilities in their free time for themselves. That's almost all development I do. But the maintainers of big FOSS projects are often paid to do so, either through companies they work at or via donations or via the reputation they gain through FOSS that makes them employable. A lot of these projects just push themselves onto the FOSS world and use their power to shape the larger community. GNOME does it, systemd does it. Nobody writes Gnome for themselves in their free time. So these people are beholden and do owe to the community that affords them the resources and relevance in what they do.

Should the community do better at compensating FOSS devs? Yes. Does that mean they are not standing on millions of shoulders and are totally doing it out of pure unreciprocated good will? No.

Are you an authority on what FOSS culture is? Fuck no. So either speak on your own behalf only, or "you just want to complain".


@cadadr @tindall @devinprater If you look into the Gnome commit list, check out all the little tools around, 90% of the work is done by volunteers that already give their best for accessibility. It is disgusting and degrading how people here talk about those who gift the world their code.

@cadadr @tindall @devinprater Focus on your arguments. Not the way you talk about volunteer workers.

@cadadr @tindall @devinprater Looking at their history of replies, they find quite a lot of things disgusting...

@petrichor agreed, the reply by @tindall is sufficient, concise and well put, they’re not worth wasting more time and energy on. If they keep at it, I suggest a block.

@cadadr @devinprater

@shahaan @tindall @cadadr @devinprater Oh, I have no headspace for their bullshit today: their response to Devin plus the RMS defending in their timeline warranted an immediate block. :BlobCat:

@petrichor @shahaan @tindall @cadadr @devinprater

And thank you two for posting this, which reminded me we HAVE such things as blocks, and we can use them to prevent ourselves from wasting energy on people who wish to take all our energy away for their own self satisfaction.


> As a user of something open source [...] You are not entitled to contribute

those two thoughts are so contradictory they sound as if they came out of a satire article

@Alexmitter @tindall @devinprater Hi Alex. The goals of FLOSS, as I understand them, are freedom of use for all. It's an egalitarian movement. The OP is blind and it seems their experience is that Linux has been frustrating and not viable for them. This is valuable user feedback that helps drive the continued development of FLOSS towards its own stated goals. Some criticism can be helpful and worth hearing. They also have every right to vent. Thanks.

@ClearMask @tindall @devinprater Criticism is helpful, understanding that you demand work from volunteers is also helpful. OP should know that those volunteers do their best and aren't his slaves he can demand from because after all they are volunteer workers.
Also, FLOSS only describes the 4 freedoms.

After all people rip their butt open to make their applications as accessible as possible and a rant like OPs is not helpful at all.

@Alexmitter @ClearMask @tindall @devinprater

Reading the thread I believe the OP rant has shown to be very useful.

@Alexmitter @tindall @devinprater Your post would feel more appropriate if it were responding to the usual entitled griping about FLOSS projects. However, the context is very different here. The OP is blind. It seems they have made great efforts to engage with the values and technology but literally cannot. It isn't a demand. It's a wake up call. There are people in our midst who need additional support. We would all do well to hear them and adjust.

@Alexmitter @ClearMask @tindall "rip their butt open to make software accessible": citation needed.

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