today in "people don't get free software":

"I think the reality distortion thing with open sourcing both commercial things and personal projects in general is too high expectations for what it means in practise, and perhaps too little of what it means in principle."

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i generally try not to dunk on people but this ended up being a very long post about how people are super lucky that anyone in music open sources anything and that we shouldn't ask for it because it's entitled

like, no, i'm not expecting Mattias Puesch to fix my shit, I'm asking to be able to fix it myself. c'mon.

@ekaitz_zarraga you see, when you ask someone to open source the software for their instrument, it's basically just like asking for free labor from the community,

@ekaitz_zarraga yeah lol

this is why everything in music tech still requires, like, ancient Mac OS or whatever

@tindall but hey!
Many companies opensource their bullshit software for that reason.

@tindall It's not the same when the community is asking a company to release the software than when a company releases software and forgets about it leaving the responsibility of updating in the community.

In any case, this is a very opensourcey and not that much of freesoftwary approach.

@tindall somebody was comparing recently FLOSS to right to repair, and I've never heard something so apt.

@tindall @meena ohhh that’s a very good way of putting it

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