wait is Richard k Morgan problematic

lmao imagine thinking you have anything useful to say about transhumanism or cyberpunk and then pulling this crap

@tindall Thanks to this thread, I now have one more name on my shit list.

@tindall fuck me, "fellow scribe graham linehan" is a phrase that should cause someone's keyboard to catch fire upon typing it out.

@tindall not only ruining Father Ted for me, but now Takeshi Kovacs 😣

@tindall He never had much that was original to say, in all honesty

@tindall (But, yeah, he’s a Guardian reader of a certain age and being an “ally” is a key part of his self-image, all of which go with a high risk of transphobia.)

@tindall I was absolutely stunned when I heard he was attacking transpeople after reading his book where (gender) identity is not tied to specific bodies.

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