lmao imagine calling "high quality" compared to modern thunderbird

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like i get enjoying, it's fine, but writing a whole blog post about using Linux on the desktop and 1/3 of it is " is better than ANY LINUX MAIL CLIENT" like. nah you just didn't try thunderbird because you think it's old

oh really? pdf editing is bad? and that's definitely the fault of -checks notes- the people who are constrained to use only cleanroom implementations of of PDF handling code, and not the people who force them to do so

so fucking annoyed by people who make blog posts that amount to "capitalism and IP law constrains free software and therefore it is not worth considering"

@x44203 "there's no alfred" dude. rofi exists. look, it up, the fuck

@x44203 the default Mac OS mail client. it sucks imo (i use it daily)

@fenny @tindall Does it say that in the article? O.o
Theres also Darktable, GIMP, that one command line program I forgot the name of, Python (I occasionally use python command line as an everything editor),...

@fenny @tindall But yes Krita is one of the best programs for making drawings (apart from Inkscape of course, at least if you dont need fanciful gradients)

@tindall Like most viewers can fill out forms fine and Inkscape, LibreOffice work as editors

@x44203 yeah this person seems largely unaware of the vast majority of software on the linux desktop tbh

@tindall Top comment be like "Minimal software availability" as if the ten different disk burning programs on windows each loaded with the same adware is any better... Also I currently have three parametric CAD programs installed which take code as input (libfive, OpenSCAD, CadQuery), three PDF viewers (Firefox, qpdfview (dont need it rly) and Okular (pretty performant and feature rich), a bunch of terminal emulators (not sure why) (are there more than one on Windows?), like 5 chat clients (irc, XMPP, telegram, signal, element, to note is that multiple IRC clients have available though I only use Hexchat).

Also Windows programs are usually awful as hell... Like how would you block copy a disk on Windows? Or the whole registry shit, like all I need is a text editor (of which I have at least 6, though only use 3, though each has a different workflow which each makes sense), software updates are as simple as entering a single command and I can actually decide how my computer is composed, what partitions do what etc.

@tindall Also Windows with "maximum software availability / compatibility" lmao maybe with WSL but before that IIRC it was really shit to try to run linux programs on it

@tindall Hm, though I guess I'm not really the target group when people talk about office software... Like LibreOffice calc is pretty neat but for everything else I use Inkscape, LaTeX and Python

@tindall I've done quite a lot of "PDF editing" with tools that hardly have non-FOSS equivalents, like pstops. Same applies to bulk processing of scanned pages and producing PDF or DJVU files from them.

If someone thinks PDF forms is the only kind of PDF editing, their needs are quite special and limited (not counting the fact that PDF forms shouldn't exist, and now, for the most part, almost don't exist already).

@tindall I read that article through all the way, hoping at some point they'd say something to redeem themselves.


I closed the browser tab feeling intense pity when I was done. At least they like what they have stuck themselves with, I guess?

@tindall I used to use thunderbird a bunch, then I fell off of it when I started using protonmail, then when I picked it back up I realized that it can't even set different notification rules for different I use KMail now

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