i always get a bit scared when my credit card company tells me they've increased my line. "oh great, i can ruin my life even more before you stop me, good."

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i'm actually quite proud of the fact that my savings and my credit line are almost exactly equal. i could max out my credit card... once.

... wait, shit, they're watching my bank account, aren't they.

(to be clear this is in the context of just having graduated from college. i aim to have more savings than this in the future.)

@tindall every time we log in we see how much debt we can still go into and every time we Pretend We Do Not See It

@tindall You have a window where they won't notice for a bit.

@hope yeah, I'm only joking. I'm sure they profiled me with Advanced Machine Learning or something.

@tindall Do they say that as if it was a good thing? It's an honest question, I don't think I've ever seen that myself. But then again, I understand credit cards work a lot differently in the US compared to everywhere else.

@zladuric @loke @tindall Of course they would. The interest rate on missed payments is the only thing that makes this model work and profitable for the bank. They'd gladly give you 2x or 3x your salary as the spending limit.

Although where I'm from they don't count savings (or untaxed income such as scholarships) when deciding how much spending limit you get. Hence I don't have a credit card.

@tindall This probably doesn’t require all that much data. Banks have been doing this long before they had any fancy machine learning, just using stuff they ask for on the application form and a bit of financial history. (Age, zip. Oh, you have an income? So far, you pay the bill each month? From credit reports, you are using credit responsibly?) They don’t need much to bet on the averages.

“Employed techie” alone would probably go a long way since it makes income prospects look good.

@skybrian sure! I just think it's funny that my credit limit got raised to X one day after I had X+$25 in my savings account for the first time.

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