So - what do I relicense everything to? Given that there seems to be a reaction against the GPL (for good reason) at the moment.


My priorities are, in order:

- discourages large for-profit companies from using it
- encourages contributions
- enforceable
- somehow doesn't rely on copyright??

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@tindall >somehow doesn’t rely on copyright?? Unfortunately the only thing that doesn’t rely on copyright is public domain.

@SuperDicq @tindall I agree, that's still the GPLv3.

Also, the GPL wasn't just written by RMS and the FSF. It was really a community effort, with a discussion period, and written by lawyers that didn't even work for the FSF. A lot of projects just can't reasonably relicense unless they have very few copyright owners.

I'm all for distancing ourselves from RMS/FSF, but there's a lot of stuff around them that happened in spite of RMS and the FSF (such as my dear Octave) that's still valid.

@JordiGH Absolutely - but there are other issues with GPL. For instance, vanilla GPL v3 really doesn't require contributions back to the source in a lot of situations, and the AGPL is perhaps not enforceable.

@tindall Oh? I haven't heard about the AGPL. Has someone tried to enforce it and failed? I think Mongo just got tired because it was a lot of work, not because a judge told them "no".

@JordiGH Yeah. But I don't have the money to actually press a case like that 😅

@tindall Yeah, I don't know what to say. :-/

All license enforcement can be difficult. In Octave we used to have people make proprietary GUIs on top. We couldn't really go after them with legal cases. It was easier to just make our own free GUI so people wouldn't have a reason to use the non-free one.

@tindall Anyway, CeCILL is kind of like the "French GPL". You might want to try it.

@JordiGH @tindall or the EUPL ( which has AGPL-like provisions (but also compatibility clauses to combine it with copyleft licensed code, strong and weak, which still confuses me a bit) and a somewhat more agreeable choice of venue provision at least for EU residents outside Paris (CeCILL coalesces everything at some court in Paris, while EUPL goes for author's place of residence if in the EU, with Brussels as a fallback)

@tindall Any other license is going to be more expensive to use, because there's less precedent than with #GPL and #AGPL.

@JordiGH @tindall Even if you’re against RMS there is no reason to distance yourself from the GPL, GNU project or FSF at all. The FSF will have transparent re-elections for the entire board soon, GNU software is still good and the GPLv3 is still the best free software license for copylefted projects.

@SuperDicq I appreciate that this is your position but I'm explicitly interested in _alternatives_ to the GPL right now.

@tindall Alternatives to the GPLv3 include: CC BY-SA Microsoft Public License European Union Public Licence Eclipse Public License Microsoft Public License

All have downsides compared to the GPLv3 tho, like no patent grant and some allow linking. So use with caution.

@tindall Mozilla Public License* instead of the second Microsoft one.

@tindall I've been looking at the Cryptographic Autonomy Licence 1.0. It sounds specific but should be broadly applicable.

It's copyleft is very demanding, closing the private fork loophole in FSF approved copyleft licences. That makes it non-free, but it doesn't sound like this would bother you. Corporations definitely wouldn't like it.

It's also OSI approved, so there is at least some institutional backing.

@tindall Not sure how enforceable though, I don't think anyone has tried yet

@tindall april fools joke or real? i would write a paragraph for that but since its april 2nd here, not for fools day of course

@tindall You could try the Sandia license ( Joking aside, though, there’s strong tension between your first priority and the rest of them. Consider that the megacorps have legal departments, after all. It is no longer 1997 and the big guys aren’t afraid to use, co-opt, or abuse free software.

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