Tech needs to tackle the inherent ableism of our obsession with "intelligence" tbh

even if you believe intelligence is real (and you're wrong), fetishizing it to the exclusion of other valuable qualities gives us shit like the RMS cult of personality

when you say "intelligence isnt real" are you talking about intelligence as like a quantity that can be measured (like IQ), or the concept in the abstract?

@venko the latter. "Intelligence" is an inherently ableist concept and can pretty much always be replaced my a more specific and more correct concept.

@LogicalDash An interesting question. Emotional strength is probably too vague of a term to be meaningful at all without further clarification. Similarly, even physical strength, which is in specific very objective and easily measured, is not general; that I can lift weights does not mean I can do crunches, and that I can bike a long distance does not mean I can climb cliffs, even aside from the immense amount of skill involved there.

I think strength is much more real than "intelligence" but we still need to be careful and define our terms.

a definition of the term that I like: "intelligence is the ability to make models"
seems like a rather useful concept to me... i'm not convinced that some people's obsession with it/inadequate discrimination based on that ability should be a reason to reject the term/concept itself.
or am I misunderstanding you?

@till sure! but at that point you've gotten more specific than most people are when they talk about intelligence, and I think we should use a different term for that, _because_ it's more specific than just "general cognitive ability".

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