i hate being me and working in tech because every time someone I know gets a job it's like 70/30 that they're working for an objectively evil megacorp and it's 80/20 that they're somehow marginalized and that the job will be a huge deal for them

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yayyyyyy congratulations on your new job where you make the destruction of artistic integrity accessible to the blind

at least now you'll be able to pay your rent

violence but ironic 

linkedin voice: Congratulate your friend Jamie Rose on her new role, Sr. Accessibility Engineer at Baby Killing Machines Inc.

re: violence but ironic 

@tindall I really feel this. I keep seeing lefty friends working at like, AWS and I know its because getting a job is a nightmare rn and it just sucks


@tindall My friend who's the best example of this has now made enough money at [large financial institution] that she burned out and is trying to become a baker though, so I guess that's progress?

@tindall In my case, "you got a job for a company that specifically abuses capitalistic systems to maximize profits, good thing you are against all of that."

@tindall or Google who literally removed "don't be evil" from their motto as some sort of ominous warning.

@naia google is the archetypal evil megacorp tbh

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