It ticks me off so much when people say shit like "Starlink is good actually because it'll bring internet to isolated communities which have suffered chronic underinvestment"

Like yeah. But it won't solve the chronic underinvestment. Which, btw, Musk could at least partly do _singlehandedly_.

It's just another way for a billionaire to exploit poor people. It's just in this case he's also screwing over literally everyone at the same time.

@tindall The praise that Musk gets (and I was guilty of this early on) really bothers me because he's basically exploiting his pop culture image for personal gain, and it will only drive the wealth gap further.

@tindall How "isolated communities" necessarily == "poor people", how is it exploiting them, and how is it "screwing over literally everyone at the same time"?

(The way I see it, Starlink is just a commercial service with a decent market. Definitely not a charity or even cheap Internet for everyone. But something useful, and the primary reason it's more interesting than competing developments is because it's meant to fund SuperHeavy/Starship R&D.)

@temporal then you need to do some research outside of the Elong Muskrat hype machine. It's a serious, short term, and indefinite risk to literally all ground based astronomy, among other issues.

@tindall @temporal so is driving a car. I don't think that's Musk's particular problem, it's the problem of the authorities that let him do this. Yes, he should know better, but we know he won't, and we still let him. Them guys in the US have a shitty money-driven state so things like this can happen.

But Musk's original idea is kinda okay, it just has downsides that nobody (who can do anything about it) cared about.

@tindall I understand your frustration, but I think it is important to note that Musk, even though wildly rich, is tiny compared to even most state governments. We need to fix this politically.

We need to fix that Musk is wildly rich and should pay a greater sum to our shared tax pool. And we need to fix the chronic underinvestment in communities.

Him giving money outside of paying taxes doesn't really solve the overall problem long term.

@ted yes, I agree with this. However I think it's still important to recognize that he does have a degree of _personal_ culpability here, as well as societal; most counterarguments to this amount to "well he's just doing what he can" and that's not really true.

@tindall certainly he can do more, but I think it is with his platform more than his money.

Warren Buffet talking about how he pays a lower percentage tax than his secretary has probably effected tax policy more than any donation he could/has given.

I'd like to see more action to fix that, but...

@ted but? Doesn't he bear a moral responsibility to help fix the systems he benefited from?

@tindall he does.

Writing a check is a temporary fix, a band-aid.

Advocating for a tax policy that he pays more, and others pay more, to build a better society. Along with spending that money on communities. That fixes things until the voters decide that they want it not to.

@ted @tindall most states are worth between 50bn and 300bn in assets, and either fully- or over-leveraged. the worst debt ratios are over 400%. musk is vying to be the world's first trillionaire.

states vary widely on gross revenue, but range from 3bn to over 400bn. musk's salary is zero most places be works, so figuring his gross is complicated, but he just took a 55bn stock package with tesla.

so I'd say on paper he has the potential on both metrics to overwhelm most local governments. he certainly has full control in boca chica already, needing very little clearance to just shut the little town down and blast it with noise. constantly.

@Abide the Twin Damnation there is a potential outcome of starlink i appreciate a lot: circumventing internet censorship. it is especially important to me because i know things about censorship in ussr, and how russia can close access to internet resource even without court, just by a decision of designated body.

and i live somewhere close to russia so internet censorship there is also my concern.

@tanakian@ծմակուտ.հայ I'd argue that localized, decentralized solutions like Irdest are better for this kind of thing. You're just trading one potential censor for another with Starlink.

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