Stop making posts about how political figures you don't like are "dumb", it's useless and the concept of intelligence is bullshit anyway


seriously some of you people act like you think that "intellect" is an actual measurable quality of a human being and not just, yk, a d&d stat

"this politician is dumb" oh yeah how do you know that? does her Magic Missile only deal 1d4-1 damage or something? shut upppp

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@tindall That is one of those things that always gets a response when someone tells me, "You're really smart."

No, I'm competent in my field of choice. It doesn't mean I'm good at everything, just specific things. There always needs to be that qualifier.

I feel the same with derogatory labels also.

@dmoonfire Yes! And there's research that shows that calling children "smart" motivates them much less than praising their hard work. It's just such a useless concept.

@tindall More so, praising specific things has a lot more impact than a generic "you worked hard."

At work, we are encouraged to give points (I get 1.5k/month as a semi-manager). To do it, I have to be public, give specific situations, and need to do it within 24 hours of the point it happened.

(The points translate into 100 = $1 but still.)

It's a great system because they teach us how to encourage others (upper management randomly reviews the descriptions to help us improve).

@tindall They don't have a fancy acryonym like SMART, but it follows the same concepts (specific, timely).

@tindall Between that (we're apparently in the Best Places to Work in quite a few states) and Gitlab's guidelines, I've learned a lot about giving good feedback. :D

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