given the recent despair around open source and the disaster unfolding at Mozilla, it's time to bring this blog post around again


"Modularity is the most direct path to innovation. We should do our absolute best to build programs that do one thing well, can be tried early, and work well together. Anything else guarantees stagnation, lock-in, frustration, and eventual obscurity."

@tindall A modular browser... A modular web... I suppose a lot of the web spec is already fairly modular. Interesting to think about what it do to make that more explicit and exposed in the browser.

@cstanhope @tindall Easy fix: Learn more heavily on alternative MIMEtypes and URI schemes! And have browsers promote apps from your package repository that implements those!

I don't get the impression that the web standards are very modular, at least when it comes to JavaScript APIs...

@alcinnz @tindall I was thinking more about html and CSS or things like MathML. The browsers only render what they understand and could possibly be tied together in a modular pipeline of sorts.

You're right about the sort of base JavaScript APIs for the DOM. That one is very much tightly and thoroughly coupled to the browser's internals. Although, perhaps some of the newer API's might be more modular.

Anyway, I definitely like the idea of leaning more heavily on MIMEtypes and URI schemes.

@alcinnz Also, I'm a little embarrassed to say I'm just now checking out your Odysseus project after seeing you write about here frequently.

@cstanhope It's alright, I'm just happy you're checking it out.

Also checkout "Rhapsode":

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