are there any pure GUI libraries targeted at the desktop? a la GTK or Qt, rather than dear imgui or like that

@tindall I think iced ( wants to fill that niche, but I haven't tried it (I'm reasonably happy with the gtk bindings)

Here I see Azul and Druid

I suspect they're probably little more than prototypes, though 😞

Actually, there's also this:
It looks a bit more functional, and seems to be getting some traction, based on Github stats.

@tindall i strongly suspect that there's not anything that's more than a prototype at this point. the Xi editor had a decent thing going on windows, iirc - that became Druid, but Xi itself spun down and i don't know what became of Druid. i don't really know of anything that's not a game engine or a binding to a C library :/

@tindall There's a few,

Of these, conrod seems conceptually the most promising but the most difficult to make look "normal".

@tindall a while ago I checked out the samples of

Seems promising but it took quite a bit of RAM for just a little calculator 🤔

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