it should not be this difficult to restrain myself from building a NAS

@tindall Tell me about your NAS plans, I promise I will not* encourage you in any way.

*did I say not? I meant the opposite

@kookie so here's the thing. i have four 1TB SSDs that I was running in my Thelio, but it turns out that mdraid on the desktop kind of sucks? so now that my thelio is waiting for repairs i'm considering sticking them in a NAS and just getting a bigger NVMe drive for my desktop

but i don't want to pay $400 for a 4-bay synology and i'm happy to admin my own OMV or nextcloud or whatever

@tindall Hm yea, that makes a lot of sense.
For me I think the biggest reason to do my own NAS is having control over the FS and making it zfs. That gives me encryption, compression, and seemless snapshotting and backups (zfs send is amazing).

It takes more work to admin for sure but I feel it's a worthwhile time investment (and it's not ever that much work)

@kookie yeah, i would really love to be running ZFS on all my computers, tbh.

zfs-on-root for ubuntu is still, uh, "experimental" which is generally (in Linux anyway) a word for "totally fucking broken"

@tindall Haha yea. I think the only distro where I've been using root-on-zfs with no issues has so far been NixOS

@kookie i so badly wish i had the time to set up a nixos install tbh

at least i'm using nix as a package manager for work, that's pretty cool

@tindall @kookie have found nixos to run very well on a raspberry pi hardware, so my own NAS rabbithole is looking at a pi4 with usb3 disks, and tinkering with zfs & ipfs is in my near future.

Anyway, could you test zfs on ubuntu and tell us when it bursts into flames?

@tindall I'm in a constant battle with myself to not build an object storage cluster at home... it's very hard!

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