happy lughnasadh everyone! enjoy a good meal today

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@kookie chomp!

(also - why am i unfollowed from you? -grumbles at mastodon- )

@tindall I don't know? I'm not sure you follow either of my accounts from this one, just your private ones

@tindall I haven't seen you post on them in a while though. Are you mainly using this one now?

@kookie nah i just haven't been social media-ing that much, it's the curse of full time work lol

@tindall Hmm, am I the only one who social medias at work? :D

Anyway, not sure you noticed but I'm on sick leave at the moment. I seriously burned out and I'm trying to get paid medical leave for a few months to recover

@kookie i have a policy that i don't sign in to my work stuff on any personal devices and i don't sign in to person stuff or download personal repos on my work devices

given how many times i've heard of people getting burned by bullshit ip-assignment clauses i think it's a good policy

@tindall Ah yea, that makes sense. I guess I've mostly worked at places where I've had a lot of control over my hardware (and German labor law is pretty good)

@kookie genuinely cannot tell you how much i want to move to germany lol

@tindall that seems to be a trend among us friends πŸ˜…

It's not arr dandy here either. But generally things are a little less batshit capitalist

@kookie yeah. nowhere's perfect, but some places are a hell of a lot better.

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