hi gamers my desktop just failed catastrophically how're your nights going

so much for the blog post i was writing about my synthesizer lmao

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@tindall a thonkpad and an modular.

an entity of culture i see 🍷:blobcatmoustache:

everyone i see on youtube is using that keystep, although this is the first time i've seen a beatstep.

thinking of turfing my keystation for a keystep, or just turfing it in general and writing a keystep sequencer clone for linux+jack. :blobcatsurprised:
@tindall i only posess a single CRAVE analog synth. though it does have a step seq built-in, and you can feed it from external midi :blobcatthink:

@icedquinn CRAVE is really cool!! honestly if I had more space I would have gotten a Behringer synth and expanded to modular later

@tindall i came very close to getting a neutron because someone on ebay was turfing refurbs. and then er, shenanigans. those sold out so i got a crave instead :blobcatsurprised:

neutrons are fully modular and come in eurorack, so you literally take it out of its case and move it to your cabinet when you upgrade.

watched videos of the RD-8 and Deepmind. They seemed neat; not sure I'm all that jazzed about a fixed-sample drum machine though.
@tindall i get why someone would want more than one hardsynth. having to re-patch a single synth for an entire track is ah, hard mode. :blobcatsweat: Renoise falls apart hard here.

still need to get ardour6 working and test zrhythm again.
@tindall it amazes me how hard it is to just get some nice encoder for midi stuff. all i ever wanted out of VST world was to just have a knobby control board. and you basically can't have it. though i guess a beatstep kinda does to that doesn't it.
@tindall what i am getting at is i'm a gear nerd who likes machines and not a real musician :blobcatsmile:

@tindall my mpc failed catastrophically and i have been ghosted by support and the store for 3 weeks :blobcatblep:

i know your feels. :ablobcatreach:
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