y'all if your software isn't accessible to keyboard users and screen reader users you suck and your software sucks

sorry but i don't make the rules

@tindall And they'd even get VR compatibility for free if they included that.

@jaycie VR as in Virtual Reality? That sounds interesting! How does this work?

@blipp In my case, I use OVR Toolkit with SteamVR to let me place virtual windows inside of other VR apps. This allows me to, for example, participate on Discord without leaving VR.

It's hard to appreciate how effing small so many buttons are in modern apps until you have to aim a VR controller at them, though, never mind the miniscule size of the text.

@jaycie Thanks for the explanation, that is a nice use case :) I'll keep this in mind when developing.

I was wondering, would using the mobile version of the app/the version for small screens help in your case? As a workaround if the app does not have usable key bindings, and only tiny buttons in the desktop version.

@blipp In my particular case, no. I'm using OVR Toolkit inside of e.g. VRChat, which brings your desktop and windows into VR.

I don't know how well most mobile app slide UIs would work in that environment, either, but I don't have high hopes.

Building around big buttons et al is the way to go, with options to downsize for users who want that. Your grandparents will thank you, too.

@tindall Also: if your web app doesn't work in lynx then it just doesn't work.

This includes all Fediverse software. Server-side with progressive enhancement or GTFO.

@demifiend I actually don't agree with that. Some software can only be reasonable run on the client, and the web is a legitimate way to distribute that software.

Of course, it is _software_, and as such needs to be documented and versioned; see my pinned tweet.

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