Hey folks, does anyone have good resources for hacking on Mastodon? Since I have to learn Ruby and Rails for my work anyway, I figured I may as well see if I can get some PRs made up for features I think we need to see in this software

(Also: what are your top priority items? I'm coming to this because I want to implement out-of-band tags, but I'm sure there are important anti-harassment measures that have gone unimplemented, for instance, that could be improved.)

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oh my gods how do I get webpacker to build things in such a way the tests can see them

the webapp runs fine so obviously the assets are getting built!!!

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@tindall i'd ask @Thib where to get started

they seem more … accessible than gargron.


@tindall this is a big part of why our todo list remains largely untouched lol

@tindall fair enough, contempt culture, my bad. still, the pleroma codebase and components has a lot less surface area.

@bamfic yeah, that totally makes sense. I need to learn elixir as well so I may hop over there in a week or so :)

@tindall I thought you knew rails already! Though knowing Ruby does not mean knowing RoR... 🤔

@istar_eldritch I'm currently learning it! I knew some Ruby beforehand from scripting RPG Maker games, and a teensy bit of Rails from doing Rails for Zombies as a teenager, but this is my first patch to a real project where I actually touch the Rails bit :)

@tindall I hope you have a good spellbook! Just jocking, I really hope you have a good time with it.

The convention over configuration knocked me down the last time I tried RoR, so I'm not really a fan of it. I know there are plenty of people very productive with it, it is just not my cup of tea I guess.

@istar_eldritch nor really mine either as a rustacean and Prolog fan, but a job is a job!

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