Argh, is "i18n" and "l10n" only a thing because of twitter's short character limit? I hate tech.

@tindall those were around in package names before twitter existed, i believe. there's probably some other reason that people reached for conciseness at that point

@lifning @tindall for something so inherently international, this conciseness is extremely not very accessible, or, as we say today "a11y"

@tindall I don't know if this makes you happier or not but these terms are much older than Twitter. Especially i18n has been around since at least the 90's.

Just to make it very clear, I never use them and find these terns to be awful.

@tindall Probably because "internationalization" and "internationalisation" are both at thing.

Also because spelling is hard.

@tindall i know there's reasons why they do it but it's hard often times when you're constantly googling to understand foss, especially when you're not all that technically inclined to begin with

@tindall wikipedia's story about the first numeronym is an interesting solution to a technical problem.

@tindall I'm sorry. It took me 6 months to understand that "driver" and "pilote" meant the same thing, so numeronyms just passed over my head. I'll reconsider using them.
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