Hi digital musicians. How do you organize your projects?

@tindall Save everything on the desktop, don't even use folders.

@tindall (this message has been a joke. please ignore everything i ever say forever.)

@tindall I have a folder system where things I'm actually working on are in one folder, then completed in another. If I don't work on a project for a long time, but still deem it viable, I put it in passive. If it's not an official release (like something small on SC) I have Side folder. Small experiments in another (exp) and finally I have a folder for all MP3 renders/bounces of the music.

There is also a rubbish folder that's kept in a different place.

@tindall not sure if I count since I am a bad musician but I've got a folder tree like this which works pretty well for Reason and my purposes

- plugins
- <plugin name>
- <plugin.vst or whatever>
- instruments
- samples
- projects
- experiments
- experiment-file.reason
- <project name>
- <song name>
- project-file.reason
- <anything else for this song>
- <anything else for this project>

@tindall By year and nothing else. Project files end up getting vague names like "fast thing with sounds in it" or whatever, but they're varied enough that it's not that hard to remember which is which as they stay in short term memory most of the time.

@tindall As I am using Ardour, the software automatically creates a folder with all the needed subfolders for the project. So I have a main folder containing my Ardour projects.

I also have a folder dedicated to field recordings which are ordered by topics (e.g : singing birds, street sounds etc.)

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