A good thought experiment: is it actually harder to teach someone to use Ubuntu 20.04 than Windows 10 for general computing tasks like web browsing, email, word processing, and light photo editing?

If so - why?

Spoiler alert: yea, it is, but every instance of this is the fault of large tech companies.

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Yes, installing Linux is a pain - as much of a pain as installing Windows. But users don't usually do that, because Microsoft makes deals with everyone under the sun.

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Yes, some hardware (especially graphics hardware) is poorly supported under Linux, not because the kernel is technically incapable of supporting it but because Nvidia are a bunch of dickheads.

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Yes, a lot of games don't run on Linux, but we see right at this moment that all it took to change that was a concerted effort by one medium-sized tech monopoly.

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Adobe could port the whole CC suite to Linux if they wanted to. They could rewrite the audio plumbing at the same time and sell Adobe Studio OS with all their shit preinstalled and, for the people who run Adobe products, it would probably be awesome!

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We could have easily configurable desktop experiences that are adaptive, lightweight, and GUI configurable. Imagine the XFCE project with real market penetration and funding!

But we never will because MS won't let them play in their playground.

Instead we have ad-ridden garbage _baked into the fucking operating system_, no standardization, an absolute joke of a "package manager" being deployed this week on the most popular platform on the planet.

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Makes me want to fucking scream. Capitalism ruined computing just like it ruins everything and I'm so fucking tired of it. But at least people could stop pretending that it isn't happening.

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To be fair, Ubuntu also has a bunch of ad bullshit, it's just far less than windows has.

Thank God other Linux kernels exist though

@VioletHaze > Ubuntu also has a bunch of ad bullshit, it's just far less than windows has.

Afaik it really doesn't anymore, it no longer has the Amazon button and currently only advertises Livepatch in the installer which is now both free and open source

@tindall I don't think it's Microsoft alone. The rest of the commercial PC software and hardware ecosystem is mostly indifferent and sometimes hostile to Linux since they don't make money at it.

But all the laptop vendors are making Chromebooks since Google pretty much told them what to build, and they sell well. This feeds device driver updates to the Linux kernel so I guess that's something.

Basically they want some other big company to lead the way. Looks like we will end up with Linux containers on Windows and Chromebooks since that's what Microsoft and Google are building.

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