If Microsoft is so nice, why don't they just release their Windows 7 source code under a Free Software license?


BTW, we have FreeDOS now :blobowo:

And ReactOS is slowly but steadily advancing.

@rick_777 @tindall Yeah, but Microsoft open-sourcing their old operating systems would be a massive benefit to both, imo

not to be Devils advocate, but I'd assume part of the reason M$ hasn't opensourced windows is because of licencing
it wouldn't surprise me if windows contained IBM, intel and other such licensed code that'd make it hard to fully opensource

but that being said still doesn't change that contrary to m$ claiming they love opensource they seemingly haven't even tried at all to open up windows (i mean really even apple does a better job at having an opensource os)
@rick_777 @tindall

@tindall meanwhile bill gates says the super rich pay more taxes, including him... ok...

@tindall but Microsoft is investing $1B on climate change R&D so they're the good guys. Right? No need to go try to collect the several times that ammount that they owe...

@tindall This article makes me wonder how much tax is avoided by billion-dollar companies in the US, in comparison to the total amount paid by private individuals

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