This says everything I've thought about for a long time, way better than I can say it.

@tindall And I thought you send money directly to the creators o_0

@dzajew @tindall Well, you kind of can tip a website directly and it's simple one click operation. This IMHO is the biggest advantage of BAT, because Patreon etc are too much hassle.

@tindall well, at least i now learned about <aside> might need to use that myself rather than whatever i'm using rn on my website.

@tindall I don't know. This throws me off, "Sorry Mr. Eich, but I refuse to cooperate. As soon as I figure out how to detect the Brave web browser by technological means—a task you’re deliberately making difficult, because you know that many publishers would like to do the same—I will make sure that every Brave visitor gets this as their landing page." Anyone who talks about selectively treating clients a certain way annoys me. There's nothing wrong with sending a false user agent string.

@tindall I do like Butterick's writing about online publishing!


I use brave basically because it's a chromium and fast, and i like the script blocker

As I see it brave is built on the assumption many users won't /have/ anything to pay publishers with unless given this BAT system (funded by venture capital...)

the "problem" is mainly that capitalism exists in the form it does and nobody can get wealth to host websites or /donate/ to hosting websites
which a browser (or most ways of trying to get rid of web ads) could never fix if it tried

@tindall wow, i love brendan eich's response:

> Regarding <link>: Starting with ad-hominems and insults does not recommend Butterick on character.
> As a JD, he should know to check unreliable hearsay
> Lazy critic
> Does he even know about blind signatures? Apparently not.
> Again I wonder how a typographer and JD holder, clearly capable of careful work grounded in verifiable claims and measurements, could blog against Brave

does not recommend brendan eich on character?

@tindall >Sites need editorial and brand-safety controls

ohhhh he'd better not mention it, with brave's historical record of asking for money on behalf of other people and then keeping that money to themselves

> We don't replace ads

yeah, "we just remove original ads and add our ads, that's not replacing"

@tindall I dislike javascript and it's really you cannot even do basic safe browsing without things like adblockers, canvas fingerprinting blockers, webgl fingerprinting blockers, etc. I tried Brave and deleted it in the end. I prefer projects like the Otter Browser.

@tindall oh my god fuck that anti-js website explcitly setting the body opacity to 0 until its done loading its fonts i don't want

but yeah that's a really good article

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