i really missed playing Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (which i just got running again in Wine)

i would pay pretty much any price for an updated version of that game that performs better and works natively on linux

- continuous zoom from totally abstract symbolic theatre map to up-close unit view with realtime nice 3d graphics

- map options naturally giving rise to types of play from 10-minute search-and-destroy missions to 6-hour nuclear slugfests

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- easy to pick up basic concepts, hard to master but including lots of feedback about what you're doing wrong

- unique and mechanically differentiated faction unit lists

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- balanced reliance on apm, rock paper scissors unit selection, and position/capability tactics

- an absolutely committed and not too horribly awful multiplayer community that maintains the game to this day via mods

i maintain that SC:FA is the best strategy game ever made and until someone remakes it (no, PA/PA:T don't count) i'm going to stick by that

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@tindall oh boy I like that game because I can just focus on base building and I'll eventually lose against the AI but it's so satisfying building giant walls of defensive turrets and whatnot

@tindall @Skirmisher that's that I often found that particular version to be really huge on all the maps, and sometimes prefer playing the original.

hack occasionally I'll even go back to Spring

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