Verdict so far: pretty much only the stock and ayufan images work acceptably. Android and ChromeOS are unacceptably broken. I'm going with the Debian image, hopefully for the long haul.

is in the beginning of usability; the firmware can be updated, but no updates yet. There aren't auto-updates for much of the core software. The kernel is not mainline.

It'll get better.

$200 ARM Linux laptops are the future.

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@tindall Totally agree. I think this is going to be an incredibly empowering platform!

@tindall I hope so, I'm just really, really hoping someone eventually makes a shell that can handle a keyboard my size. Or at least give me designs for a 3D printer; I will drop money for the same size and layout as my desktop.

@feoh really good, though it needs some firmware fixes

@tindall That's superb news, I feel like every computer buyer should make super crappy keyboards a deal breaker. (I'm looking at you, Apple :)

@tindall I really appreciate you posting as you go along with this. I'm interested in getting one for the office which would primarily be my note-taking (vim) machine and such. I also see potential for it to be my dedicated machine to connect to a few VMs I use via RDP. Have you (or anyone that you're aware of) had the opportunity to try using remmina or rdesktop or something like that on this machine?

@SpankyWorks not yet, but I'll check it out. IMO even the original Pinebook 1080p served well in the use case of note-taking and even IRC - the Pro is more than sufficient, especially now that they offer more keyboard options.

@SpankyWorks @tindall I'm using KRDC for RDP on the PinebookPro right now. Haven't figured out OpenVPN connections yet though.

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